Lets all be good “Employers”

A few days back, in my Business Law class, my teacher shared a story about the start of her professional career as a teacher. It wasn’t something very inspirational or motivating but more like a warning. Well, she told us how her ’employers’ manipulated the fact that she was new to that profession. And she told us that we ‘will’ be taken advantage of at the beginning just because we will be new to the market. That sounds really cruel and unfair.

My question is, why cant we be sincere in our acts and play clean? Why just Rs. 5000 or even less makes us compromise on principles?

I do not believe a good entrepreneur would ever be unjust in his actions and be manipulative. So if you are a good entrepreneur that means you are a good employer and you make your employees feel good about working for you.

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6 thoughts on “Lets all be good “Employers”

  1. Haha! Oh dear. I used to teach, and have had similar experiences to your teacher. Companies exploit people who allow themseleves to be exploited. If you assert yourself as soon as you get the job – outlining what you are prepared to do , and what you’re not, this is good as it sets a precedent for how you will be treated in future. Your employer will respect you for it.

    Whilst I think that the majority of bosses are forced to be manipulative to an extent (it is useful in business), you can still get people to do what you want without losing your integrity. That way, your staff will still respect you.

    Er…if that sounds contradictory, think about this in the context of dating. Brutal honesty is not usually an effective strategy for getting the girl!

    The important thing, I think, is to define your own principles, to choose the battles you want to fight. This is what makes an effective and principled leader.

  2. Bringing humanity into business? Yes, that’s nice. I believe that people are basically good, but they can sometimes lose sight of their humanity because we live in a profit driven society.

    The Zeitgeist Documentary on my blog tackles the issue of whether it’s possible for a business to be both humane and successful.
    It’s an interesting one, if you have a few hours to spare…

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