Take a step toward your dreams

“A journey of a thousand Miles, Begins with the First Step” -Quote

Lately, i have been thinking a lot about the idea of success. What makes a person successful? What differentiates successful people from ordinary ones? Is there a set of rules to be followed to achieve success? Meditating on this questions really makes your head spin.

Everyone desires success (obviously means different things to different people) yet there are so few who actually put in effort.  And some of the people who are willing put in effort are just too hesitant to begin.  I have been a hesitant person all my life. It took me a long while to realize how much power and energy i was wasting. All i needed to do was to take an initiative.

It, no doubt, is absolutely wonderful what you can achieve when you assume the complete responsibility of your life and start following your dreams. And the most important word in the previous sentence is “start”. Yes, you will have to take the first step. Because it is usually the hardest and certainly the most important one. Believe in your dreams, take an initiative and hold onto that. Because the only thing between you and your dreams(success)  is the very initiative you are not taking. If you want to change your life, you will have to take the first step. I am not saying the rest would be smooth and easy but you cant really think of rest without taking the first step.

Take the first step toward your dreams, for only then you begin to accomplish them. :)

Are you taking initiative?


3 thoughts on “Take a step toward your dreams

  1. Awesome balal! There is a genuine problem for people who do not take first step, some time we really don’t realize what the hell is this first practical step.

    Would you please suggest an answer to this in reply or any new post. Thank you and very good to see you taking first step of yours in pro-blogging.

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