Passion and Perfect Intentions

My post about taking the first step was visited by quite a few people which came to me as a happy surprise because I wasn’t really expecting that. So first, thanks to all of those friends and strangers (well I do believe strangers are the friends we don’t know yet :)) who stopped by my blog.

Secondly, a few of my friends asked me these questions, “What after you have some how managed to take the first step? What ensures that you’ll fulfill your dream? Or what did you actually mean by holding on? I believe these questions were very genuine so I decided to write a post to address them.

My answer to those questions is a blend of Passion and Perfect Intentions. It might sound obvious to you. But before you roll your eyes and exclaim that I stated the obvious, ask yourself, “Do I have passion for or intention of what i am doing right now?” May be you don’t have either one of them. And even if one of them is missing, you are wasting your energies and I’m sorry if that sounds a little harsh, chances are you will end up as a dissatisfied person. And you definitely don’t want that :)

And this I’m not just saying about our business or professional career but all the spheres of our lives. Yes, passion is really important. Because without it, it is hard to stay motivated. You need passion to drive you to work harder and harder to learn something. You need passion for what you do to give you the strength to tough out the hard days at work.  In other words, passion or being passionate is the fire inside us and in our lives that drives us forward-whether it’s for our work, our hobbies, or for our relationships. And i believe without intentions passion goes wasted. Our actions depends on our intentions. And for that matter, let me ask you a question, If person A does something very selfish to person B but the person B accidentally benefits greatly from that, would that count to the good deeds of A? Obviously not!! You cant do a good deed by accident, its still a selfish act, intention is everything.

I hope you enjoyed the post. Have your say in comment box!


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