Is It Easy To Do Business With You?

It might sound a little rude but yes I’m asking you this question. I’ve been reading stories about the good businesses around the globe and also been observing the behavior of local businesses. I know the purpose of a business is to earn profit at the end of the day but sometimes its inevitable to think of human side of the business. And no business is one man show, business people are always looking out for people-clients, employees, partners and sometimes even competitors.

Sadly, most of the local businessmen here are just after making money and exploiting others. They don’t understand the true spirit of running a business. And this may be or could be on the reasons we do not have  a multinational organization in Pakistan to the date.

You have to show that you care not just for money but for people. You know well that you are gonna need them to work but the important question here is why the heck would someone like to work with you/for you and not Tom? The answer is because you make it easy for them to do business with you. You are in good books of your employees, customers and your partners. Running a good business requires an attitude of giving and working to increase the size of cake instead of our own slice. Think win-win!


5 thoughts on “Is It Easy To Do Business With You?

  1. Only few Pakistani business think in long term.
    They make profit and run.
    If this is the norm in this society, then like you said, multinational companies will tell you “No it is not easy to do business with you!”

  2. The problem isnt with Pakistan alone.It’s a gift that comes along with the spirit of capitalism. You are over-worked and under-paid.At the end of my internship at Packages, my manager advised me not to go for a private job ever, that would be the end of my social and private life and death of my academic and intellectual development.Now Packages is a big name;work hours on the paper were 8.30-5.30, but in practice employees used to sit there till 9, 10, and sometimes even 12, salaries being really average. The condition is better in western countries because they have deviated a bit from the purely capitalist theme and accepted valuing the employees; still I don’t know whether the recent economic crisis in USA has affected the minset of business men so as to become less people concious or not.(There has been heavy delayering there too). or maybe its not even capitalism as an ideology, but more so the greed and selfishness present in man.yes we need to end this greed and selfishness and think of the other as we think of ourselves.

  3. I do agree with you Bahawal, i interned in a bank and i know what exactly you are talking about. And yes problem is not just in Pakistan but in West you are able to find good examples and here you cant even do that. For example, Facebook employees get three free meals a day and many more other facilities and here they make you work overtime and dont even pay for that. So we as need to change our perspective about doing business.

  4. but then there are good people here too. not apparent on the scene but r there. My stance is that let us look at man as part of the community of human beings when talking of values, and free of the racial, national and geographical differentiation. To me as far as values are concerned, a man is same here as in the West. u might find as evil a man in USA as in Pakistan. or as good a man in Pakistan as in Ireland. yes as human beings we do need to change our perspectives towards many things in life, i.e. concern for the other, less desire for more (whether it be money or cgpa(as for me ;) ))), and upholding of values.

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