I Want to Learn but College Sucks

My selection of this topic for today’s post is the result of three ‘busy’ days I spent at college. They kind of sucked.. I don’t know I’m just not able to feel the excitement and cherish my time there despite the fact that its gonna be my last semester. I think I don’t see value in it anymore. If a lecturer will just make us read chapters from books and take quizzes then this is what I can do better if i stay home, grab a cup of coffee and sit in front of my computer.

I’m not saying there’s nothing to learn in college, there certainly are many things. But good colleges cost a lot of money and there are people who cant afford to send their kids to those colleges. I’m now officially against the idea of joining a school or university. If you cannot join an institute that’s totally fine, you can still follow your heart and that also may be for free(thanks to internet). For example, want to become an amazing writer? Connect with your favorite authors online and write everyday.  Want to be the next best chef? Put  the time in to learn how to cook and start it now. You just have to take the initiative. I really don’t like the idea that anyone who’s been to college is perceived to know better than those who haven’t been there.

I know having a degree from a renowned college sure gives a very good feeling and may also promise you a very good livelihood as well. But its sad how most of the people who are teaching at universities do not have any real life experience. And the teachers who do have some experience are too reluctant to ditch the traditional teaching style. I am now done with 3 and 1/2 years of my ‘professional’ degree and I am not sure if I have superior knowledge to a guy who’s been working since last three years in the field and never went to college. I’m paying to learn and still there is no guarantee whether that would happen or not and that guy is getting paid to learn and certainly will do that. Hmm so I’m just waiting to get over this semester and actually start doing things that will help me make some difference.

Good thing is, I am very cold and I don’t miss things, I just move on. So yes Forman, I’m not gonna miss you.


14 thoughts on “I Want to Learn but College Sucks

  1. Thank you for writing this post Balal. I’m paying to learn and still there is no guarantee whether that would happen or not and that guy is getting paid to learn and certainly will do that.

    • I totally agree with you Balal, but here i want to uncover one thing that our country dont have a culture to promote this learning at home thing. our people only want a degree from a renowned institution, and the grade also does not matter as we are knowing this thing by are seniors.here we have to take step foward to change this culture.
      I am also with you on the point that you have mentioned that these exams not play a role for giving us a tiltle og brillinat or genious. if you have a good grade you are considered outstanding and if not you are known to be an average student. so this thinking and mindset of people want a change.
      so the only thing is trust on yourself, and get know of your core comptency and then go ahead.

      And one thing that you have said that you are cold, i dont think so a preson is cold enough that he completly forget the memories and the past time.

  2. Hello Balal,

    I myself haven’t learnt from college. I have wasted my utmost precious time while reading economic theories of 1876. uugghh thats really ridiculous.
    Market is truly working out of our syllabus. there is no need of such degrees.
    I seconded you Balal :-)

  3. Thank you ladies for your support. I think this is a very serious issue and we need to consider it for our coming generations. I’m determined to stand against colleges and universities. I hope you will be with me :D

  4. Ok, I can agree with some points here but can’t anyone see that issue here is not to shut the system down but to improve it & make sure that people do get the required learning experience. So how about standing against the system which needs to be established so that we can improve our society as a whole, you think of some way of contributing to its improvement.

  5. woah…….realli awsuummmmm specially the part’the teachers who do have some experience are too reluctant to ditch the traditional teaching style’.
    but u gotta admitt that although the person who has been working in the field while you were paying to be skilled did not have much of a real life experience……..the best thing about colleges is that u come across people and learn to handle them properly, which is realli important……….so ur 3 years have not been a total disaster that wayyyy

  6. very interesting discussion going on.it is correct up to extent that college and universities are imparting education in traditional ways generally but there are certain discipline and colleges imparting education in innovative style.universities and colleges have produced many renowned scientist and others. in this way there are personalities like Socrates,aflatoon and many people who are topics for phd they were not taught in universities.now a days in Pakistan people are students of virtual university also.but they learn at their home and attend virtual campus causally.like wise students of Allama Iqbal.
    open university.when you say that you are standing against traditional system of education than please first frame the system which you think is better and result oriented.please uncover that system in your mind

    • Dear Hanif, the system in my mind is to create such learning centers where students will be encouraged to follow their hearts and to take initiatives no matter how small instead of being forced to cram certain books and topics which they detest. This is how we can create a society of satisfied individuals.

  7. Most of my professors grade better than they teach. It’s frustrating that so few of them can give an extensive and focused lecture. I don’t trust most of my professors. They say things that sound true that aren’t surely true and waste so much time. They assign more reading than they could ever possibly cover in depth, make you buy books you don’t need. play stupid videos and tell irrelevant stories for the audience.

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