An Email from Tucker Max to James Altucher

I have read James Altucher’s ‘Choose Yourself’ twice recently. First I bought the book in Kindle since the price was almost nothing but after having read it I knew I would like a paperback of that in my library. So once I got the paperback, I read it again. And as Nassim N. Taleb once said, “A good book gets better at the second reading. A great book at the third. Any book not worth rereading isn’t worth reading.” Altucher’s book did get better at the 2nd time and I enjoyed it a lot more than I did the first time. While JA was trying to make a point about being emotionally healthy by staying positive and not to engage our thoughts with haters he narrated a personal experience. A well known pundit once tweeted that one of his books was crap. On being asked about the comment she admitted to her dislike for the title which resulted in that tweet although, obviously, she hadn’t read the book. So James went ahead and wrote a blog post about it. And out of nowhere he got an email from one of his readers, which I would like to share with you guys. The email went:

     “I assume your blog post was mostly tongue in cheek about the feedback affecting you in a negative way. But if not, then please take this compliment to heart: From one very successful writer to another. I love your blog. Yes, it has its quirks and stylistic issues, but it is utterly original and compelling, and that is an attribute that is incredibly rare. There is so much writing out there, and so little of it is worth a shit – but your blog is one of those that are worth a shit.

     I subscribe to like 25 blogs in my RSS feed, and yours is one. And I don’t even actively invest –  I could care less about your financial advice.

     Please keep doing what you are doing, and please don’t let the cowardly commentary from the ignorant sheep and trolls get you down. There are a ton of us out here that read everything you put on your blog, and thoroughly enjoy it, but we don’t tend to speak up one way or the other, because we are normal people with normal lives. Who even writes Amazon reviews? I have entertained millions of people, literally millions, but from Amazon reviews you would think my job was to punch babies in the mouth. That’s the shitty part about the internet, and anonymous feedback, is that you tend to hear from extremes, those that either love you more than reasonable, or those who are just spreading toxicity.

    Fuck those people. You do great work, and I really appreciate it.

     I hate to sound like a weirdo Buddhist, but the only thins that really matter in this world are the relationships you have with the people you love, and the meaningful things that you do. Haters don’t fit anywhere into that. Don’t devote any mental space to them.”

The email was signed:

“Tucker Max”

The reason I wanted to share the email with you was the point TM was making. Almost each and every one of us have haters in our lives and no matter what we do they would always be hating. Only way we can defeat them is by denying any metal space to them. Not even engaging our thoughts with them, let alone alone engaging ourselves with them.


Employees are King?

Did I pick the wrong title? Because we all know customer is king, right? But let me share with you what I think.

Most important asset of any business is it’s human capital. I believe employees are usually undervalued. But we all know that employees are fundamental part of a business. And they are essential for a business to function properly. But unfortunately, mostly the businesses look at their employees as liabilities not as assets.

What we have failed to realize is that when it comes to successfully running a business, it takes dedication of a team, a single person cannot make it all happen. Unless your business is very small, you can’t do it all by yourself and run a successful business, you’ll need plenty of advice and encouragement. So team effort is important. And team effort will come only when your employees are dedicated to work and it will happen if they feel valued and respected.

And employees are important because they are the ones who stand between your product and your customers and ultimately they are the ones who’ll make a promotion fail or succeed. They will develop relationship with your customer and also are the ambassadors of your company. While overworked and dissatisfied employees are less inclined to create a positive customer experience. So it’s important for a business to value it’s employees and make them feel respected.

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Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better.

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”
Samuel Beckett

Dear friend, this is the first and probably the last time I’m writing on this topic. The thing is, so much have been said and there’s no need for another post especially on a blog that just got 400 hits. But still, lets just hope it helps. :)

When we are kids, the idea of failure is presented to us as a nightmare in our lives. So when we are grown up we don’t want to fail in anything we do. But when you learned how to walk, you fell over. Over and over again. May be you hurt yourself sometimes and also cried a little. But you learned to walk finally like you already knew it. Wouldn’t it be great if all us keep up this way of thinking about failures? I vote Yes!

Instead of being too hard on ourselves, after failure, we should rather give ourself a break and think about what we have learned. You might have got a bad grade at school, or your ego keeps tagging you as a loser, or may be you think it’s not normal and you are too old for this stuff. Let me tell you again (I mean you already know it), all the greatest figures in the history failed at some point in time in their lives but they learned and used it in succeeding. Henry Ford put it most eloquently: “Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently”. You can’t learn if you don’t fail. If you put effort and you fail, celebrate it because you have learned something you wouldn’t have if you succeeded. And if you think you didn’t even put effort, then there must be a reason. Find out that. I mean if I will ask My daughter to major in Biotechnology while she likes Literature, she’s obviously gonna fail.

And most important thing about failure is that it makes you stronger. You are able to handle things that you weren’t able to before. So watch Michael Jordan’s video and Cheer up! Happy failure :)

Job is Not a Solution, Start Your Own Business

” Small-business innovation is key to moving country forward” says Barack Obama.

Meeting up with some Business people at Lahore Chamber of Commerce today was pretty interesting and motivating. For all of you who don’t know, main aim of the Chamber, it’s to help small and medium size businesses and encourage innovative startups. Why so? Why not help big giants to be stronger? Obviously big companies generally get most of our attention. And success of big companies is also critical to the success of small and medium size businesses. But it’s small and medium businesses that drive a country’s economic growth and create 2 out of 3 jobs in America.

Anyways, purpose of this blog post is not to advocate for SME’s.  The thing is, it’s really sad that our youth is running after jobs and nobody seemed to have decided to do something big for their society. And that shows how self-centered we have become as a nation. Obtain a degree, find a job, get married and pass on the selfish nature. Pakistan needs to wake up before it’s too late.

All of us are blessed with wonderful talents and love for something. We just need to figure it out. And trust me, once you do figure that out you won’t even think of anything else. And if each one us starts focusing on to be the best we can be, there could be no better way to contribute to our society. So yes, i would encourage you to follow you heart and start something that you love.

Share with us, what’s the love of your life?

Is It Easy To Do Business With You?

It might sound a little rude but yes I’m asking you this question. I’ve been reading stories about the good businesses around the globe and also been observing the behavior of local businesses. I know the purpose of a business is to earn profit at the end of the day but sometimes its inevitable to think of human side of the business. And no business is one man show, business people are always looking out for people-clients, employees, partners and sometimes even competitors.

Sadly, most of the local businessmen here are just after making money and exploiting others. They don’t understand the true spirit of running a business. And this may be or could be on the reasons we do not have  a multinational organization in Pakistan to the date.

You have to show that you care not just for money but for people. You know well that you are gonna need them to work but the important question here is why the heck would someone like to work with you/for you and not Tom? The answer is because you make it easy for them to do business with you. You are in good books of your employees, customers and your partners. Running a good business requires an attitude of giving and working to increase the size of cake instead of our own slice. Think win-win!

Lets all be good “Employers”

A few days back, in my Business Law class, my teacher shared a story about the start of her professional career as a teacher. It wasn’t something very inspirational or motivating but more like a warning. Well, she told us how her ’employers’ manipulated the fact that she was new to that profession. And she told us that we ‘will’ be taken advantage of at the beginning just because we will be new to the market. That sounds really cruel and unfair.

My question is, why cant we be sincere in our acts and play clean? Why just Rs. 5000 or even less makes us compromise on principles?

I do not believe a good entrepreneur would ever be unjust in his actions and be manipulative. So if you are a good entrepreneur that means you are a good employer and you make your employees feel good about working for you.

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