8 Reasons You Should Avoid Working for Desi’s (read Pakistanis abroad)

A lot of young Pakistanis when go outside of Pakistan either for study or work, they try to find work with other Pakistanis, may be because they are in another country for the first time ever and it gives them a sense of protection and belonging. I am going to warn all those people from doing that. Do not look for work with Pakistanis abroad until or unless you absolutely have to and you have no choice. In that case make sure you sign a written contract and get minimum wage at least. You may say I am generalizing a bit but that’s just how I feel. I wanted to get the word out there. To let people know who don’t, yet.

1) They are not polite

This may seem not very important to you but trust me it does matter a lot. Please, thanks and sorry are three words that go a long way. But our desi brothers, no matter how long they may have stayed in England or Ireland, have vowed never to use them. What I deduce is they think these words are for inferior to superior usage. And in the case of you working for them they are definitely superior. The guy I once worked for wouldn’t even say hello in the morning when he would show up and leave without saying bye. He never really communicated to me unless he thought I was doing something wrong. And in which case he would talk to me as if I have taken his business to bankruptcy in one day.

2) Negativity prevails at the work place

I am a firm believer in keeping a positive attitude towards everything. But I guess the places I worked at, it was all about negativity. All the time, me and the co-workers would be worried what if this went wrong, what if that went wrong. And that thing actually did used to go wrong. Law of attraction works faster in negativity. Or you can even quote Murphy’s law here. And after that we had to face the wrath of our master and each one of us would feel shit.

3) No appreciation and a lot of patronizing

Okay I must admit I get put off by patronizing straight away. You can tell. My face just drops and I am not happy from that moment onward. If you are like me in this case you wouldn’t want to work for someone who patronizes which most of desis do. I don’t blame them for that because I am not sure If they realize that they are actually being condescending on you. And on top of that you get no appreciation. I asked one of my co-workers once that why don’t we get any appreciation? And he said appreciating what we do means we are doing a good job and bosses don’t like to accept that because they think then the employee has a chance to ask for a pay rise. I was surprised by that answer.

4) There is only one way towards X

If you are working for a desi and you try to be a bit innovative at the work place you would be considered being too smart and not doing what you are supposed to do. Well to be honest, it even happened in Pakistan. When I was working there, I remember how I suggested we should have a separate register or record for something and my boss told me off straight away by saying ‘do as you are told’. So yea if you are actually putting in effort trying to improve things, you would end up feeling dumb and useless.

5) No guidance

I started jobs where I was completely new to that particular kind of work. I mean even if you know the work it takes you some time to get used to the place. But I didn’t even know the work and it was made clear before I actually started working, but still I was expected to do the job right from the very first day. And if I didn’t, which was the case most of the times, I would get to hear that I am useless for him. And there is no organizational order. Anyone can have a go at you for something that went wrong because of you ‘obviously’. Once it was so bad that I actually went into the gents and cried and then washed my face and came back. That’s me.

6) Blame comes on you

If you are working with your boss and you both are working on a project, if something goes wrong the whole blame comes on you. Because he is biologically designed to put the blame away. And you work for him, so you can’t really dare to actually say anything in your favour.

7) Master and Salve

You may think I am exaggerating but you get treated like a slave by our desi guys. Or that’s how I felt. They ask you questions about your personal life as if they have a right to know. You can’t say anything back when he is talking, you work like a donkey and still get no appreciation, he even starts making decisions that you think is your right to make and when to everything you start saying yes as if it’s by default , it looks to me more like a master and slave relationship.

8) You will get paid peanuts

Yes. Most of them pay well below the minimum wage. They will pay you in one currency but count it in another. Which I find extremely ridiculous. And always pretend as if they are over paying you and doing you a favour to keep you working for them.


I can really keep going on about it but I think I have made my point.


Passion and Perfect Intentions

My post about taking the first step was visited by quite a few people which came to me as a happy surprise because I wasn’t really expecting that. So first, thanks to all of those friends and strangers (well I do believe strangers are the friends we don’t know yet :)) who stopped by my blog.

Secondly, a few of my friends asked me these questions, “What after you have some how managed to take the first step? What ensures that you’ll fulfill your dream? Or what did you actually mean by holding on? I believe these questions were very genuine so I decided to write a post to address them.

My answer to those questions is a blend of Passion and Perfect Intentions. It might sound obvious to you. But before you roll your eyes and exclaim that I stated the obvious, ask yourself, “Do I have passion for or intention of what i am doing right now?” May be you don’t have either one of them. And even if one of them is missing, you are wasting your energies and I’m sorry if that sounds a little harsh, chances are you will end up as a dissatisfied person. And you definitely don’t want that :)

And this I’m not just saying about our business or professional career but all the spheres of our lives. Yes, passion is really important. Because without it, it is hard to stay motivated. You need passion to drive you to work harder and harder to learn something. You need passion for what you do to give you the strength to tough out the hard days at work.  In other words, passion or being passionate is the fire inside us and in our lives that drives us forward-whether it’s for our work, our hobbies, or for our relationships. And i believe without intentions passion goes wasted. Our actions depends on our intentions. And for that matter, let me ask you a question, If person A does something very selfish to person B but the person B accidentally benefits greatly from that, would that count to the good deeds of A? Obviously not!! You cant do a good deed by accident, its still a selfish act, intention is everything.

I hope you enjoyed the post. Have your say in comment box!