What am I reading

I have decided I will update this page as I move along from one book to another. In that way I would also keep a record of my readings and can give you an update as well.

June 2014

50 Alternatives to College by James Altucher

James has been very vocal in his articles on the blog (www.jamesaltucher.com) and in his books against traditional education. With the student debt ever rising, James believe that universities and colleges burden students with debt and still there is no guarantee for a job. In this book he lays down simple ideas one can follow instead of spending four or five years in college or at a university. Some of the ideas are very practical and make perfect sense.

The  4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

Tim Ferriss’ book is for those people who do not subscribe to the idea of spending a 9 to 5 life and then hoping to travel and do what they always dreamed of once they retire. The book is just as much an Inspiration as it is a ‘how to’ for those who want to spend less time working and more time playing. It doesn’t necessarily sell the idea of becoming a millionaire or making a lot of money. As Tim says in his book, “People don’t want to be millionaire-they want to experience what they believe only millions can buy”. He advocates spending less time on things that do not matter whether its business or personal life by applying 80/20 principle. There are plenty of tools/techniques and resources given in the book that can be helpful for entrepreneurs as well as employees.

Choose Yourself by James Altucher

If you feel stuck and are looking for a way out, James Altucher provides you with that. As the title say itself, this book is about living a free life and accelerating overall, be it financial freedom, emotional health, mental soundness or being in a good health. James narrates his personal experiences about how he got up when he hit the bottom and finally chose himself and of those people who have done the same. This book is a must read for all those people who have given up on life and have settled for mediocrity. Because according to James, its never too late or too early to choose yourself.



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